March 25, 2024

What’s the best time of year for senior photos?

This is always the million dollar question! My Memphis area high school senior clients frequently ask me when I think the best time of year is to book their senior portrait session. In my opinion, there is no universal right or wrong answer…but there is a right one for you! Here is what I suggest that you consider when you are choosing YOUR perfect session date:

  1. What is the overall look you prefer for your photos? Do you prefer a spring, summer look or fall/winter look? Do you prefer spring flowers or fall color change? Do you love hot weather or cooler weather?
  2. What type of clothing do you prefer? Do you live for long maxi dresses and picture yourself in one in the fields at sunset? Do you love lots of layers and heavier fall and winter clothing? Do you envision yourself in tall boots, corduroy, a jacket and a hat? The temperatures and weather conditions vary by season but we are pretty lucky to be able to book sessions from February through December here in Memphis!
  3. Do you have a specific location in mind? Some clients have a location they love and others need some guidance to find just the right spots. Based on your answers to questions 1 and 2, I can help suggest several spots in the Memphis area that would be perfect for you! We are fortunate to have several urban and nature locations within a short drive during a photoshoot. The Memphis Botanic Garden is beautiful from spring through late fall. We also have several fun urban areas like Broad Avenue, Overton Square and Downtown Memphis.
  4. Do you have an after school job? Are you very involved in school activities like sports, theater, or after school clubs that require a lot of your time? If so, your calendar may be limited by your activities and you will need to schedule your shoot around your activities.
  5. Do you need your images for certain deadlines like a yearbook ad or grad announcements? This is a very important variable to consider as you don’t want to miss any senior year deadlines!
  6. Overall seasonal colors: Spring flowers typically bloom any time from mid-March through end of April, Fall color change usually starts at end of October and continues through mid-November.
  7. Whatever month and day you choose, if you take some time to consider these questions, I know you will pick the perfect day for YOU!

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